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Our Expertise

Property Management & 


Our niche business is collecting commercial and retail rents for post move-out and skips. This includes balances for damages, utilities, and accelerated rent. Our collectors are knowledgeable, diligent lease law

Judgment Recovery

For both wage and non-wage garnishments, we are experienced asset location, including employment and bank accounts. Our legal team executes court filings, including reviving older judgments.

Medical Collections

Working with all types of healthcare organizations, we have a sophisticated approach to tailoring to each different organization such as hospitals, private practices and dental offices

Expert & Effective Solutions For Debt Recovery

Our company was founded by seasoned collection professionals. Established in 2004, ARM Professional Services works with commercial and retail businesses nationwide. We are currently licensed, bonded and insured nationwide for the protection of our organization and our clients.

Business Meeting

Effective Solutions

​​The success of our founders in the debt collection industry has always been routed in our ability to identify the accounts with highest probability of payment and matching an appropriate liquidation strategy to those accounts. We serve collection needs, both consumer and commercial. Whatever your business platform, you can trust us to develop a performance program to recover your receivables.

"ARM" is a fully licensed collection agency, is bonded, carries omission & liabilities insurance, and maintains a separate trust account for all monies due to our clients. "ARM" develops a "partnership relationship" with its clients and acts as an extension of their company. Consistently providing clients with updates on collection efforts and delivering superior results, we adhere to all applicable laws governing debt collection, and understand the importance of customer retention.

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